Chesh Presskit

Game Name — Chesh
Developer — Damian Sommer
Sound Designer — Ryan Roth
Release Date — October 8th, 2015
Platform — iOS (iPhone and iPad)
Regular Price — $4.99
Launch Price — $2.99


Chesh is a two-player digital boardgame of skill and strategy that looks an awful lot like chess, but plays with a drastically different set of rules. Every game of Chesh starts with different pieces, and each piece has a random movement rule assigned to it. It is up to each player to figure out what everything does, and how to use what's been given to you in order to win!



Chesh is my first mobile game release, my previous big release being narrative storytelling game, The Yawhg for PC. Chesh was first made at Toronto Game Jam 9, inspired by the theme "After You."

My friend Droqen and I had been talking about how to solve a problem in game design where it seemed like, in most abstract perfect-information board games (games where both players have full knowledge of every aspect of the game), the first player is at an advantage. In the japanese game Go, for instance, the player who goes second is awarded bonus points to try and compensate for not being able to go first. In Connect Four, with perfect play, the first player will win every time.

Chesh is the aftermath of that conversation.

Some Quotes

“[Chesh] is surrendering your expertise, flying blind in a familiar territory.”— Zack Kotzer, Killscreen

“Chesh owes more to the Alice Through the Looking Glass variant of Chess than any earthly version of the game.” – Anna Anthropy, Sorry Not Sorry Games

“Chesh makes Chess look like Checkers” – Raigan Burns, co-creator of N++

“i like chesh”Michael Brough, creator of 868-HACK



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